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Saturday, May 27, 2006

I'm consolidating my Blogs.

Like a glutton whose eyes are bigger than his stomach in an "all you can eat" cafeteria, I ended up with too many blogs on my plate so I'm consolidating them down to two:

1. My church blog at www.christchurchsatx.blogspot.com (with a links to and from Christ Church, San Augustine, Texas web site .)

2. My "literary" blog Glynns Book Reviews, which is linked to and from my Glynns Books Web site.

Both the Christ Church, San Augustine blog and the Glynns Book Reviews blog have RSS links that enable you to be notified by email whenever the content changes at either of the blogs and either of the web sites.

I will no longer upload posts to his blog after May 31, 2006. This blog will be deleted after six months from that date.