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Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Tough Go Shopping?

I drove to Nacogdoches on Tuesday for a doctor's appointment(checkup only) and used the trip to do some shopping in the "big" city. I took some things to have them framed, including: My father's college diploma from Lon Morris College in Jacksonville, Texas that I discovered in my mother's papers after she died, a needlepoint sampler my brother Richard gave me. (See below.)

Plus two antique Italian engravings, and a painting my mother did for me in 1961 (a sunset scene of Hong Kong harbor.) Except for the diploma, all the others had been framed before but had been damaged in moving.

I also browsed the antique shops in Old Town Nacogdoches looking in particular for andirons, fireplace tools, and a mirror to go over the fireplace. I found a set of fireplace tools, which are kind of 'brassy' for my taste, but only cost $29.95.

I also found a good deal ($10.00) on a "coal oil" hurricane lamp to replace the one I broke during Rita. I've now replenished my "hurricane" kit and I'm ready for next summer, if one can ever be ready for that sort of thing. One of the reasons I decided to retire in East Texas was to get away from the threat of hurricanes. God got the last laugh (or next to last?) when Rita roared through San Augustine with winds that were still Cat. 1--even though we are almost 200 miles from the Gulf Coast.

The lamp is on top of a chest I discovered ($99.00) in the same shop. It has glass drawer pulls and knobs, which aren't exactly the look I want, but I can replace them with something else and I also have a use already for the glass pulls and knobs.

I also found a mirror, above, for ($39.95)to go over the fireplace in the living room, but I'm not sure about it. I think it may be too small for the space, but it's a start.

And, because I was spending money like a drunken sailor already, I picked up a pressed glass holder for a votive candle, left, for ($5.00).

A Note of Explanation: When I retired in 2003 I had an estate sale after I sold my home in New Orleans and sold off almost all my stuff. Those familiar with my ancient history will recall that after I sold my home in New Orleans, I bought a travel trailer and expected to live in it for awhile touring around promoting my novel A Perfect Peace. I learned very quickly that I wasn't cut out to be traveling trailer trash. When the folks at Christ Church here in San Augustine asked me to come do Sunday services for them, I decided to sell the trailer and move into a house here in San Augustine. That's why I'm slowly re-accumulating treasures--and I'll admit enjoying it.


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